STUDENTS who live or go to school in Wellesley, power up your creativity for the 2ND ANNUAL STEM EXPO SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE!

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Deadline for submissions is March 24

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10 am - 2 pm

2 pm - 3 pm

3 pm - 4 pm

Please join us for an engaging evening with Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair! A workshop to help parents understand the ways in which technology and media are putting children at risk at all ages - from infancy through young adulthood.

THE BIG DISCONNECT: Protecting Childhood & Family Relationships in the Digital Age

Thank You Notes

Notes from Educators and Friends

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Learn more about: this year's Sustainability Challenge and Wellesley's first-ever CreateAthon!

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Recent News

lightbulbNearly $125K Awarded in Fall 2016 Grants

26 grants were awarded WEF funding in the Fall 2016 grant review cycle.  WEF has 2 grant cycles each year, Fall and Spring.


WPS Progress Report Survey

compass WPS Progress Report surveyThe WPS Progress Report SAC issued a survey to gather community input to further refine the model for a WPS Progress Report.  Many thanks to those of you who took the survey.


Announcing Superintendent's Advisory Committees
WEF and the Wellesley Public Schools partnered in 2014-15 to create four high-level Superintendent's Advisory Committees that advise and support the implementation of key areas of the school district’s strategic plan.