WEF's Impact


For the past thirty years, through the generous donations of our donors, WEF has funded grants to educators in the Wellesley Public Schools System. In the past 10 years alone, WEF has awarded over $1.6 million in grants and assistance.

Recent Technology Funded:
3-D Printers
Laser Engraver
Android Tablets
Digital Bulletin Boards


We have shown our commitment to Wellesley Public Schools by funding programs that enhance or support the curriculum. For example, we have funded equipment and instructional materials for math, science and language art programs. We have also funded author visits to the schools and creative writing workshops.

WEF also believes in the value of keeping our teachers trained and up-to-date on the newest innovations in teaching. With this goal in mind, we have funded professional development courses for our teachers, such as “Teachers as Scholars”, “Skillful Teaching”, “Understanding the Whole Boys Curriculum”, and “Children’s Literature Summer Institute”.

A sampling of programs funded:

  • Biographical Children’s Literature for Wellesley Public School Libraries
  • Wellesley High School Recording Studio
  • Laptop Initiative Pilot Program at the Wellesley Middle School
  • Milky Way Cylinder for High School Planetarium
  • WBZ Weatherbug Weather Station and Archive
  • Everybody’s Playground at Sprague Elementary School
  • Going Green Initiative at Wellesley Middle School Cafeteria


See the details of your contributions at work by clicking on the images below.

Grant Allocation 2016-2017

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Grant Allocation 2015-2016

Grant Allocation 2014-2015


Grant Allocation 2013-2014


Grant Allocation 2012-2013


Grant Allocation - 2011, 2010

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