Spelling Bee

Thursday, November 2, 2017 is our 28th Annual Wellesley Spelling Bee

Co Chairs: Becca Cahaly and Eunice Groark

2016 Spelling Bee Program

The Wellesley Spelling Bee is a WEF community fundraising event which raises money to fund enrichment programs for the Wellesley Public Schools. The Bee is a major fundraiser for WEF and great fun for participants and observers alike! The Bee is typically held on an evening in early November. Town celebrities judge and officiate the competition. The Wellesley cable station records the event and broadcasts it several times. A program is printed for the Spelling Bee, as well as ads included in the Wellesley Townsman acknowledging teams, sponsors and donors.

Approximately 50 teams participate in the Bee and represent local businesses, law firms, alumni groups, community organizations and school PTO's as well as student teams from Wellesley High School. We always look forward to seeing where the next new teams may come from. Each team is made up of three members, and seven or eight teams compete in a round. The winner of each round then competes in the championship round. The champions take home the Ruth Humphries Bee trophy to keep for their reigning year. A plaque listing all the winners also hangs in the Wellesley Free Library.

The Bee does not involve solo spelling. All teams in a round spell words simultaneously. The emcee announces the word and the three team members can collaborate on the spelling of a word before writing down their answer on the slate provided. Teams have 25 seconds and then must display their answer. Teams that correctly spell the word continue. Each speller is provided a study guide with most of the spelling words approximately one month prior to the Bee. See our official Spelling Bee Rules and the Study Guide.

If you prefer not to spell but would like to participate, any and all donations are welcome. Each year, approximately 10-15 high school or non-profit community teams are sponsored by generous individuals, families and local businesses.

Contact the Bee Chairs at for more info.