Announcing The Winners of the




Heightened Interest in Renewable Energy

Sparks Power to Choose Program

Wellesley, MA, April 9, 2017 -- The Wellesley Education Foundation, Wellesley Green Schools, and the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant are proud to announce the finalists and winners of the 2017 Sustainability Challenge.


Since the Town of Wellesley is working to increase its national ranking for voluntary renewable energy through the Power To Choose Program -- and make its lower carbon footprint goal -- this year’s Sustainability Challenge was very topical. Wellesley students were asked, "How might renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) impact your life and the environment in the future?"


Students from every school across the district in grades 2-8 rose to the challenge and submitted a variety of entries including poems, diagrams, 3-D models, songs, videos, essays and more.  


“It was evident that these students put in a great deal of time and energy into researching the topic, forming opinions and creating their projects,” said Jessica Stanton, of Wellesley Green Schools. “Although the topics varied from how renewable energy is healthier for people and our planet, to its financial and energy security benefits, the one common theme was their enthusiasm for renewable energy.  Many families reported that there were lots of energy discussions in their homes,” Stanton said.


Residents wishing to learn more and sign up to get renewable energy in their homes -- from local sources including Spruce Mountain Wind Farm in Maine -- can go to the Town of Wellesley’s site, WellesleyPowerToChoose.


Congratulations to the WEF STEM EXPO Sustainability Challenge Winners:


Allison Chung


Audrey Johannes


Clarissa Ko


Max Goldenson


Nalini Fiorillo


Noa Helmbrecht


Olivia Caiazzo


Alexa Peak, Dylan Peak


Arabella Hardgrave, Kate Cooney


Jaron Jacobs, Tom Burton, Jason Cannistraro


Congratulations to the WEF STEM EXPO Sustainability Challenge Finalists:


Adrian Daigle


Alden White


Annabel Abdelal


Christopher Cerda


Clark Taylor-Smith


Eli Wechsler


Ellie Bedard


Zoe Maggioni


Abby Lothian


Emily Svingen


Eva Papapetropoulos


Gregory Y. Chung


Hadley Giesser


Hadley Keally


Ellie Taylor


Hannah Cronin


Jack Gibson


Anton Sodervall


Kyra Hwang


Lizzie Lahive


Leah Wechsler


Maria Paz Lopez-Benitez


Samantha Tarlow


Sana Samal


Stephen Brown


Ty Cronin


Willoughby Bonnette