Professional Staff Recognition

Each Spring, WEF, Wellesley College and the Wellesley School Committee come together to honor staff members who have contributed 25 years of their professional career to the Wellesley Public Schools.

In appreciation for their years of service the honorees received a captain's chair embossed with the Town of Wellesley seal. Commonly known as The Chair Ceremony, friends and colleagues toast (and roast) the honorees with skits, poems and personal speeches. Each year the Chair Ceremony serves as a wonderful celebration of the dedication of long-term Wellesley Public School employees.

The Chair Ceremony: Honoring 25 years of service in our schools.

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March 26, 2013 at the Tishman Commons at Wellesley College, friends and family came to honor and celebrate these faculty and staff for 25 years in the Wellesley Public Schools. (left to right): Jean Mahony: Schofield Grade 1 Teacher; Donna McFarlane: Hunnewell Kindergarten Teacher; Terry Weksel: PAWS Psychologist; Lennie Becker Sprague Secretary; Mary Fitzgerald: WMS 6th Grade Math Teacher; May Hunnefeld: Production Center Coordinator; Rosanne Sannicandro: HS Guidance Counselor (not pictured: Adrene Gorman: WHS Family and Consumer Science Teacher)