It’s no secret that students today are more stressed out than ever.  Come hear about Challenge Success, a new initiative in the WHS to address growing concerns about the increasing level of stress and anxiety.  How?  Through teachings in resiliency, better student engagement and broadening the definition of “success.”

What is Challenge Success?

A nationwide program based at Stanford University, Challenge Success seeks to help communities expand their often narrowly defined notions of success and offers practical, research-based solutions and interventions to reduce stress and increase student engagement and well-being. Challenge Success partners with schools and families to provide kids with the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed now and in the future.

When we are too focused on grades and performance, we deny our children the time and energy they need to tackle the demanding work of growing up. In Dr. Pope’s presentation, you’ll learn how you can establish a healthier home environment for your school-aged child, how to reduce academic stress without sacrificing achievement, and how to increase your child’s resilience, creativity, and well-being.


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The Challenge Success Team:

  • Jamie Chisum - WHS Principal
  • Joan Dabrowski - WPS Asst. Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
  • Amanda Brown - WHS Faculty Member
  • Craig Brown - WHS Faculty Member
  • Kathleen Brophy - WHS Faculty Member
  • Delean Simpson - WHS Student
  • Olivia Gieger - WHS Student
  • Annie Hall - WHS Parent
  • Darlene Howland - WHS Parent