Permanent Fund

In 1997, a group of generous community leaders created the Permanent Fund to build a self-perpetuating income source for the Wellesley Education Foundation. To further expand the Permanent Fund, on July 1, 2006, the Campaign for Enduring Excellence was launched. The campaign exceeded our goal, raising a total of $511,000 in pledges. With the addition of $500,000 in matching funds from the Larson Family Foundation, over $1M was added to the Permanent Fund.

Donor Recognition

While every gift to the Permanent Fund is valued, there are donors who deserve special recognition as philanthropic leaders. Those who donate between $5,000 and $9,999 have been recognized as 1881 Society members, in honor of the town of Wellesley's date of incorporation. And those who donate $10,000 and greater have become members of the Bradford Society in honor of Gamaliel Bradford, a Wellesley resident who distinguished himself as an accomplished biographer and the first principal of Wellesley High School. 

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