Pave the Plaza

Do you know where your brick is?
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brick area

We are pleased to announce that Pave the Plaza, our commemorative brick program in 2011-2012, raised over $85,000 for Wellesley High School. A lot of the proceeds have already been put to great use, including the purchase of a new piano and dance floor, as well as support for the Enrichment & Recreation Program at the high school. A huge thank you to those who participated in the program!

In early 2013, all of the bricks were installed in a plaza that is located in front of the main entrance to the high school. This plaza also features bricks purchased during earlier commemorative brick programs.

In case you have not located your brick(s) yet, we now have a Brickfinder* program - by entering one of the words found in your brick's inscription, you should be able to take a look at where your brick was installed in both a diagram of the plaza as well as in a photograph of the section of the plaza containing your brick.

Click here to find your brick!

*Many thanks to George Roberts for lending his photography and programming skills to this project, and to Billy Kaplan (WHS '13) for helping to 'map' each brick from photos to a database