At the Butterfly Garden at Sprague, paid for by a Ruth S Walter grant, 2nd grade teacher Lisa Mortarelli releases a butterfly

WHS teacher Chad Weirick plays music from George Gershwin following the dedication of the new piano at the High School funded through POPS and WEF's Pave the Plaza campaign

Students plant seedlings in the Sprague Gardens, funded by WEF, on Sprague school’s “Give Back Day"

Sprague students proudly display their completed projects during an after-school activity designed to engage students, K-5, in the construction of models using LEGOS Robotics funded by WEF to enhance the knowledge of engineering principles.

WEF purchased a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) kit for Doug Brown at WHS. A student uses the kit on cheek cells to separate DNA from other cellular matter in an attempt to amplify a gene that may be linked to "risk-taking."

Thank You Notes

Notes from Educators and Friends

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25th Anniversary Wellesley Spelling Bee
Thursday, November 6th
7pm at Sprague School

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Science Museum for a Day The verdict is in. On the first Saturday of this April, approximately 3,500 people attended the very first Wellesley STEM Exposition held at the High School

WEF awards over $40K in teacher grants WEF is pleased to announce the awarding of over $40K in grants during its spring cycle to benefit WPS...

Recent News

Announcing the publication of WPS' Strategic Plan 2013-2019 - WEF has had the privilege to fund and participate in WPS' strategic planning process for the past year, working alongside Dr. Lussier and many members of the Wellesley community. We're excited about continuing to pursue our mission while supporting the strategic direction of our schools!